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By Erik Westhovens – June 26, 2015 Last week I had shared my article “Who I AM and Where I AM“ with Georgi Stankov on He gave his scientific and gnostic view on it and wrote an article about it with some minor corrections to my article. ————— Who I AM and Where I AM by GEORGI STANKOV […]

Who I AM and Where I AM

by Erik Westhovens on June 16, 2015

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By Erik Westhovens – June 16, 2015 translated from Wie Ben Ik En Waar Ben Ik “My quest to see the world and life in transparency” All-That-Is When you take everything that exists you can give it a name such as All-That-Is, it’s a simple and clear designation for what is means. There is nothing outside All-That-Is, […]

Door Erik Westhovens – 15 Juni 2015 “Mijn zoektocht om de wereld en het leven in transparantie te zien” Alles-Wat-Er-Is Wanneer je alles neemt kan je het een benaming geven zoals Alles-Wat-Er-Is, het is een eenvoudige en duidelijke benaming doordat het aangeeft wat ermee bedoelt wordt. Er bestaat niks meer buiten Alles-Wat-Er-Is omdat de benaming […]

Walk-in’s an inside change of humanity

by Erik Westhovens on January 21, 2014

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by Erik Westhovens and Georgi Stankov, June 17, 2013 Preface To find clarity in the spiderweb of life, I go back in time through moments of clarity. Mail conversation Dear George, After reading you proposal of 14 june I decided to work on a new scenario. I gave myself three days, it’s now not completed […]

This morning (19 August) I had a very short dream. I was in the mountains and in the night sky I saw a three-quarter moon. Suddenly the moon traveled very fast to the right and then I saw three planets. When I saw the three planets I could not see the three-quarter moon anymore. When […]

July 26, 2012 Dear George, After reading your articles, it fell on the way you talked about and interact with the light workers. Can you explain to me the way you communicate or confront a light worker? I can imagine that your mails to LW are very confronted for them. Your reactions to them are […]

Zielen –

by Erik Westhovens on May 11, 2012

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May 10, 2012 Hello George, Very quietly I’m reading your website with every article and conversations with you and my PAT family, it gave me a lot of juice as always. Since a couple of months I recognize my dual soul, energetically we feel the same and there is a lot of synchronicity. We both […]

March 27, 2012 Hello George, It was a beautiful experience, especially when I could feel the right details fall into place. Now I see and feel the difference of prophecies and knowledge from other persons/sources. First to check with my feeling and intuition, if something is right and if it resonates with me. Then to […]

Educational Activities on This Website March 24, 2012 Hello Georgi, I’m very thankful for all the answers of our questions you give to all of us! If I am correct you asked us a question last week, about how we look at the planet A/B compromise/plan. This is a very good question because it lets […]

inspiratie: Laat je hart spreken

by Erik Westhovens on March 2, 2012

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Van de week kwam ik een heel mooi geschreven stuk tegen die mijn hart liet spreken. Lees hieronder het stuk. ————————————————————————————– February 25, 2012 Hi Georgi, I wrote the below “story” back in August of 2011. I had just come out of an intense personal relationship, and I was obviously in a place of questioning […]