Lucid dream about the upcoming changes

by Erik Westhovens on August 19, 2012

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This morning (19 August) I had a very short dream.

I was in the mountains and in the night sky I saw a three-quarter moon.
Suddenly the moon traveled very fast to the right and then I saw three planets.
When I saw the three planets I could not see the three-quarter moon anymore.

When I look closer to the tree planets the central planet looked like a full moon.
The right planet of the moon was very big and it felt more alive then the planet on the left, who was also bigger then the moon but smaller in comparison to the right planet.
Then I saw a giant blue/black planet in the right corner of my eyes, it was not fully visible.
When the giant planet came closer to the right planet, the giant planet became fully visible.
Then the giant planet shoots away with a line of fire on his back.

After that I saw the geographical division of the big planet (the right planet of the three).
The planet looked like earth but it had different continents and there was less water then on earth.
Then I saw different numbers being put on the lands.

After that the show in the sky disappeared, I looked around and I saw different people around me who also saw what happened.


This is the second dream of this kind. The first one was more than 6 month ago and it indicated the rising of a second moon.

The meaning of this dream looked like splitting of the two planets with the full moon.
Approaching of Niburu (the giant blue/dark planet) that triggers the splitting.
The big planet that probably will be earth A/B, will have a little different geographical division then currently on earth.


The next full moon will be on 31 August, so this dream makes sense for me.


[Update 20 August]
I have mailed George Stankov about my dream and the next day he has posted it on his website.
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