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by Erik Westhovens on May 11, 2012

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May 10, 2012

Hello George,

Very quietly I’m reading your website with every article and conversations with you and my PAT family, it gave me a lot of juice as always.

Since a couple of months I recognize my dual soul, energetically we feel the same and there is a lot of synchronicity. We both searched and learned a lot from the subject and understand and accept that we are both dual soul from each other, but it’s is sometimes very strange but a real gift from heaven.

I think that every soul has potentially 6000 dual souls because a soul tribe exist about 7 x 1000 souls including 1000 souls of their own soul family. But the rarely meet each other what you have written in some of the SOAR.

We spoke also about twin souls, first I didn’t believe in twin souls but when I search and wrote about it and I came to the idea that someone of my own soul family of 1000 souls can been my twin soul theoretically speaking. Because when we become a Ascension Master the whole soul family becomes one. So is it possible that there are twin souls (of my own family) around?

We I read and see that the whole PAT is moving like one entity, I’m thought that we are maybe from the same soul union. We have the same reason to be here but everyone has his own jobs an different rolls in it. Is this possible that we are from the same soul union or are we from different soul unions like the Arcturian or Sirius race?

I also loved your article about Power of Creation, it works great especially on creating my own experiences even for the next day. Now it’s time for big creation and I’m still working on it.

The project of Nystatin was very different, I didn’t expected it, but it gave me a lot of ideas and cleaning some old patterns about our current society.

I have also forwarded your email to Gates foundation, it’s a good way to speak already publicly what’s going on.

To the rest of my beloved PAT family members I wish you an awesome transformation with your ascension this and next month and to come back as Ascended Masters that you already are.



Dear Erik,

thank you for your email and your account on different issues. Let me say some words on “soul mates” and “twin souls”. Soul mates can be from your soul family (1000 souls) or from the same or different soul tribes, but with whom you have had numerous previous encounters and have established very close emotional bonds at the soul level. There is also the so called “dual souls” or “twin souls”. Each soul has the absolutely same essence in another soul, which is however not from the same soul family but from another soul family belonging to this soul tribe. These two souls are identical, though they may have had different incarnation experiences. They meet very seldom throughout the incarnation cycle as such encounters are very difficult to bear as they cannot hide anything from each other and this transparency is not compatible with the current life on earth.

The other soul mates may play different roles. There is for instance the role of the eternal friend. When you meet this soul, the relationship is very simple and easy and very rewarding, but this also happens very seldom. This is the soul with which you share all your hobbies and moments of relaxation. Then you have a soul mate, who plays the role of the eternal adversary. It is not that you engage with this soul in creating karma, but simply that this soul forces you to be in a continuous strife with her and to litigate all the time when you have decided to have a personal incarnation experience with her. This relationship is very advantageous for the soul growth, though very exhausting at the same time.

Some pairs or family members are  such adversary souls that litigate within the family. In fact there are many more archetype soul roles that can be summarized under the term “soul mates”. Most souls prefer to met during their incarnation cycle with souls from other soul families, while  others stay more in the own soul family and incarnate again and again in groups. One can write whole books on the actual strategies of the souls how they plan their incarnation experiences in excarnated form in the higher dimensions.

As far as the PAT is concerned, my personal conviction is that we come from dimensions beyond the 5th dimension, where the soul families merge to higher units and the usual soul family structure is no longer valid. I also describe these levels as the causal worlds. At these dimensions, there is a much higher level of coordination and unity and this is also reflected in the telepathic coordination of the PAT members we  regularly observe, although they are dispersed the world over. You can achieve this kind of mental and emotional unanimity only if you operate from these higher dimensions and this fact also explains why we all have so much difficulties to adopt to the current society, which is dominated by souls from much lower dimensions and is established  to serve their soul needs at their current low level of evolution.

The project of nystatin has a symbolic and paradigmatic role in the first place. In addition it has unleashed another drama on earth that must still be solved… I am eager to see how this drama will be solved, but it has already a pivotal character in the final battle between the dark forces and the forces of light.

Thank you for sending my email to Bill Gates. He has been inundated in the meantime with this email, but I have heard that he has disappeared in a bunker in India somewhere to save his life in these last days.

With love and light


Gepubliceerd in State-of-Ascension-Report-97: 
The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

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