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by Erik Westhovens on July 27, 2012

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July 26, 2012

Dear George,

After reading your articles, it fell on the way you talked about and interact with the light workers. Can you explain to me the way you communicate or confront a light worker?

I can imagine that your mails to LW are very confronted for them. Your reactions to them are very direct and very good substantiated, but will this help them for their process?

I could remember in the time I was a video game addicted that I denied everything when my surroundings confronted me that I was a video game addicted. I only stopped when I had very strong RSI symptoms and I could not game anymore, this was a very big lost for me. Only after accepting my lost, I started to open up for change.

The years after, I had learned and build a level of self reflection by knowing myself and releasing personal dross. I see that most people are lagging at the level of self-reflection and don’t listen to me or anyone when they actually want to help them.

Somebody must be in a situation, where there is no way out, then they will listen to others or to solutions. A person with a level of self-reflection can handle critics or feedback in anyway (also confronting them with the truth).

The way you respond to a LW reaction or situation, did that helped them?

I see you put a lot of effort in others and also in LW because you have a very big heart. You almost sacrifice yourself for all the work you do and accept the energy waves true your body for helping Earth and the whole humanity. I really appreciate the person who you are.

Is there an other way in written words to help and guide for instance light workers who are on a different level than yourself?

With love and light

Erik Westhovens


Dear Erik,

if you read my  numerous responses to the PAT members and other readers you will find that 99,9% of them are friendly, cooperative, aimed at stimulating their personal abilities, and always very constructive. However, there are exceptions when one has to draw the line and tell the people the blunt truth. Even if they may reject my open answer, which I calculate in such cases, they will not forget it. After some time, they will receive their RSI symptoms,,as you also did, most probably while brooding over my answer, and then they will eventually start  changing.

It is as simple as that. Nobody is hurt and many are helped. You can be truthful, only if you are ready to defend your truth – if this path would have been followed in the last 10 000 years, this  humanity would not have been enslaved by the dark ones. This is the reason why so many warrior souls have now incarnated on the earth. By the way, Diane has already written me two emails after my response and publication, which is a clear sign that the inner impulse for change has already started to work within her. This is a good sign that she is not totally lost. And this is the only fact that matters.

With love and light



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