Walk-in’s an inside change of humanity

by Erik Westhovens on January 21, 2014

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by Erik Westhovens and Georgi Stankov, June 17, 2013


To find clarity in the spiderweb of life, I go back in time through moments of clarity.

Mail conversation

Dear George,

After reading you proposal of 14 june I decided to work on a new scenario. I gave myself three days, it’s now not completed but I would like to share my ideas already.

I’m also trying to figure something out.

With the arrival of the Ascended Masters, they can materialize a new infrastructure in a blink of an eye. The whole Orion system can be substituted with a ‘Enlightenment’ system in one day. This is a possibility and already an experience in a parallel environment (earth). But there are also other idea’s and possibilities.

What comes to my mind is that the Ascended Masters can do the job but they can also guide others to do the job. Guiding others corresponds to the energy of the King. The vision of the Ascended Masters is the blueprint that humanity (now 800 million people) can work out.

When humanity works the blueprint out it takes time. So far the whole ascension process we have experienced is realize step by step, like a wave. So it makes sense that humanity build the new infrastructure instead of the Ascended Masters in one day.

To build an new infrastructure, humanity needs to listen and follow the insights of their Higher Self. In the channel reports this is also given as “after the veil is fully lifted”.

When the veil is fully lifted of removed we will see new idea’s and inventions. Because we are now in a high level of the fourth dimension it means that the collective consciousness of the 800 million people together is also higher. Inventions will have new breakthroughs, like on the field of free photon energy.

In the night of 15 june 2013 I came with an idea based on three things that I remembered of your writings.
Point 1) CEO’s of big companies were substituted with clones.
Point 2) There are also starseeds CEO’s.
Point 3) The GF had bodies provided with different souls to block plans of the PTW.

Now we have a lot of empty holographic images, the Higher Realms can put the original souls back in their bodies on this timeline. The bodies that were killed lived on in a parallel world and now they can come back on this timeline.

Their is now a possibility that a starseeds can come in an empty holographic images (people) that are in higher positions inside the Orion system. We can change the system from the inside out to a new level because we now have more souls that wants to build an ‘Enlightenment’ system.

When the veil is fully lifted we / our HZ can guide these souls very easy and effective.

The Archons and their PTW are not focused anymore on this timeline and that means that we don’t get bothered anymore if souls want to build something new.

It will be very satisfied for the Ascended Masters in human bodies to see humanity have a strong connection with their HZ and that new innovation are implemented to replace the system from the inside out. Our HZ will guide their souls and we on the ground can do more cleanse like their insecurity, doubts or fears so that they can build the new system / infrastructure that we (PAT) have envisioned.

The ground group stays as long as possible on the ground to do their dirty cleansing and we are the best and very successful with it, but we don’t like it, that’s for sure.

We have now 800 million souls and 500 million of them are making ready or are ready for the 5th dimension. So they can do it.

I believe in them and they have showing it to me after I decided early March to let them go, just like a parent that let their child be and provide for themselves. As a parent (Ascended Master) I’m still here when they need me. I’m very glad where we all stand now, with the split of 3D and 4D, and the 7 levels / timelines. Every timeline that suit their experiences for Becoming (mastership in themselves).

It’s a different idea and scenario and I prefer the transformation and ascension of the PAT and that the PAT Ascended Masters walked visible in their light body between humanity but I see this as a possibility.

Back in my mind I know that we experienced time “faster” and creations takes less time to manifest. With the new level in the forth dimension we are now in a new area where time is “one”, that past and future emerge with the now. And this means that a new infrastructure can be build in a short period of “time” and not decades like on 3D.

The key question is, can they being educated by their HZ and our HZ enough without the guiding and knowledge of the Ascended Masters in their Light Body on Earth?

What do you think about this idea and would you like to give me feedback?

Warm greeting in love and light


Dear Erik,

this is an excellent analysis of what will happen very soon on the upper 4D earth. I particularly like your idea that highly evolved souls will now enter the bodies of the former Cabal in the corridors of power and will help change the system from within without much resistance.

With love and light

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