Comeback of Ripe Souls and the Creation of Paradise

by Erik Westhovens on September 27, 2014

in Ascension

By Erik Westhovens – 28 september 2014
Translated from Terugkomst van Rijpe Zielen met het vormen van het Paradijs

On this earth, on this timeline that vibrate higher and higher in frequencies is inhabited by people who develop their creation power into the Light. The spirit / soul fragments of the rest of humanity are focused in other worlds (including timelines and parallel worlds). When these souls have sufficient developed, evolved and in the final phase of their incarnation cycles are, they will focus back on this timeline. 

The earth on this timeline will continue to increase in frequencies. 

The soulless people on this timeline gives an opportunity for the people that are developing their mastery of their creation power. 

Everything serves another

The people focused on this timeline can use the current situation to influence it. It gives the possibility to recognize oneself as Masters in their creation power into the Light. With the use of ones own imagination, scenarios can be conceived and experienced where they get the opportunity to be fulfilled. The focus is to further enhance and ascend this earth with all its living beings. 

It’s the mastery of the creation power into the Light, owning it and expressing themselves through it. 

All souls at their end of the incarnation cycle will again be focused on this earth in the highest timeline that continues to increase in frequency. This earth is thereby increasingly inhabited by mature highly evolved souls and their will be no soulless embodiments of people. 

All individuals recognize their own creation power and make this earth a paradise. 

It’s not about waiting for the arrival of this mature highly evolved souls that come back into their bodies (the remaining soulless bodies). It’s about mastering one’s own creation power in this environment and purify all collective patterns.

The purification process is necessary because this earth is connected to all parallel timelines of earth. In all timelines people will continue to develop, evolve and raise in frequencies.

When the soul fragments occupying the remaining soulless bodies, they will make choices into the Light because they are now mature and ready. 

Whole humanity will be consist of old and mature souls which they make choices, awaken and evolve to self-mastery. 

It is now up to all masters to recognize themselves in who they are and completely integrate and express their creation power. The masters cleanse this earth and brings it to new heights. The Masters and earth will together create paradise.

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