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by Erik Westhovens on April 29, 2016

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By Erik Westhovens – April 29, 2016

Watching a scene of the movie Criminal triggered some thoughts in me and I was guided to write them down. It stayed in my mind for a couple of days, apparently I was not done yet, it was more like boiling inside me to express myself by working closely with my soul and higher self. With this cooperation the following article was shaped that I like to share with you.


Criminal 2016 movie

Scene: 16:50 – 18:04
Roughly transcript

Tv interview with Piers Morgan and H.
EVR News
Date on the screen “DATE FIRST AIRED 02 / 07 / 2012”

P:       Monday’s guest is H. best know as founder of Stone Harp Industry, making phone, computer and communication systems. Most recently he was charged treachery by the Spanish Government, mister H… how do you respond these very serious accusations?

H:      Well if it is treachery to call out massive corruption at the highest levels and to expose multiple murders, yes, then I’m guilty.

P:       But your accusations where never actually proven in a court of law.

H:      Of course not, how could they be? The police, the judges and the courts are all part of the most small powerful criminal enterprise.

P:       So to clarify, you are calling the overthrown of the Spanish Government.

H:      No, no, I’m calling for the overthrown of all governments, politicians, religions and fanatics, brain wash by the cooperations, the corruption of the baking system gone, gone. Washington, Berlin, Beijing will be graveyards and only then people will understand there is a better way to run this world.

P:      And that is what you really want, world wide revolution.

H:      Governments must fall.


  • A familiar face from the English news, Piers Morgan is used in this film. It gives the feeling that the interview is part of this reality.
  • “a better way to run this world” is based on the mindset of power over others.
  • The people who watch these movies record them in their mind. With our thoughts and emotions we create our reality. The movies scenes are part of our memory and with these movie scenes we create them in our reality.
  • Movies are used as a tool to co-create our reality.
  • Movies that are used to create a reality based on a lower frequency / mind set can be called brainwashing / mind controlling the people.
  • This interview is also based on the inspiration of the PAT ascension scenario and distorted to a lower form of creation. It is used to mislead the emerging awakening of the people that are not advanced enough to discern this.
  • On a higher perspective these experiences (misleads) are used as a service to develop our discernments and create a reality based on a higher awareness level.


The interview in the movie is created to mislead the people for the truth and to fall in the hands of the dark cabal. The mission of the dark cabal is to reap as many souls as possible as vampires for their life forces and to create the New / One World Order. They try everything in their power to restore and reinforce the power structure of their empire (Orion Matrix).

The dark cabal knows that their empire is falling, more truths come to light by the awakening of the people. The forces of the light, part of them are also know as the PAT,  support and guides the souls to raise their consciousness / awareness to higher form of thoughts. When the Orion Matrix falls most of the souls will be advanced enough to guide their incarnated personalities, to created our reality based on a higher awareness level. Most people will not fall prey to the dark cabal but rise above them and become more in alignment with their own souls and higher selfs / awareness to create our reality.

The movies scenario will not become a reality on this earth where we would see the fall of the current empires and the rise of the NWO. No, we will see the fully implosion of the Orion Matrix with the corresponding mind set on this earth and the rise of a society that fully function on the Universal Hierarchy. No more power over others and giving your energies away. We will see the power in ourself, for ourself to fully express our souls in every way possible. The leaders on earth have the highest awareness level and guide and support us to raise (ascend) our awareness. No more misleading and distortion, we all will see the truths as hot knives cutting through butter.

We all come back to ourselves, we are back in connecting with ourselves, our lives, others and the world. We can breath freely again, we feel the energies in us and around us. We feel connected to everything and everyone. On this level we create the things that comes naturally and with clarity of mind. We can connect to our full-encompassing awareness to see the big picture, we feel the trust in all life, in ourselves and our collective and individual creative forces that shapes our reality. We feel back at home, the natural way of living.

Warm greetings, Erik

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