It’s time

by Erik Westhovens on November 6, 2015

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By Erik Westhovens – November 6, 2015

My inspiration and expression of October 26.


An energy portal has being opened, in my observations it’s October 26, 2015 and the full moon can be seen from my window. Today I had a calling to go inside and use my creative power to envision the developments of humanity and earth.

It’s time.
It’s time for the revolution.
The people rises from their inner calling to revolt against their leaders, leaders of darkness in any form of this society.
The people are fed up with their dark leaders.
An opening in their consciousness took place to see the big picture and to feel intuitively that it’s time to revolt.
Every man stand up from their inner calling.
Every man feels and knows their inner power.
Every man destroys every dark leader because of their suppressions and restrictions in every aspect of their lives.
Every man takes their life back in their own hand.
Every man stands together with every other man.
The people, the whole humanity revolts against their dark leaders.
They revolt to take back their own powers.
Their own powers has being unleashed by their inner calling and they revolt against every dark corner of society.
Every system, thought, man, movement and belief system is being destroyed by the people.
The people are fed up with the darkness on this planet.
The people has woken up by their inner calling.
The whole system has being torn down, destroyed and equality has being restored.
Every system, thought, man, movement and belief system has being replaced by equality, inner power, abundance, total freedom on every aspect of being and support for all including the animal kingdom, insects and earth.
The people are open for the light.
The people are open for the light beings.
The Ascended Masters are being recognized by the people.
The people feel and know what the Ascended Masters are saying, they know with all their heart that the Ascended Masters speak the truth.
The people appreciate their own confirmation to stand up in their own powers.
The people learn in a split second the teachings of the Ascended Masters.
With the guidelines and self-recognition the people change the whole society by transforming every aspect of lower frequencies.
Life on this planet has being restored by every human being that took their own inner power back in their own hands.
Life on this planet is full of knowledge, wisdom, open heart, open mind, abundance, total freedom on every aspect and most of all the acknowledgment of everyones own inner power.

It has taken place…

Over and out,
Erik Westhovens from my own expression of the source energy that is flowing with today’s portal in relationship with the full moon. Nothing can stop me, source energies and the rise of consciousness.

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