Ascension Is Like Melting And Taking Over …

by Erik Westhovens on September 25, 2015

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By Erik Westhovens – September 25, 2015

Everything is a development just like my understanding and co-creation of the ascension scenario. It’s a simplification about the ascension scenario that I made in de first weeks of September.

Scenario of the Dark Cabal, NWO plan

  • Power over everyone
  • Collapsing of the economy and financial systems for the implementation of a single world currency.

On this uppermost mother earth the Dark Cabal will not take power over everyone, they have already lost this battle. The uppermost mother earth vibrates at a frequency where the pattern to stand in your own power is energetic more supported than the pattern to control and have power over others.

Current scenario on this uppermost mother earth

  • Dark Cabal losing power and control
  • Collapse of the economy and financial systems
  • Dark Cabal shall establish a nuclear attack to take everyone with them as a final attempt to gain power over everyone and thus the implementation of the NWO.

The nuclear attack will be prevented by ascension and ID-split:

  • To higher level / timeline
  • To the new worlds in the 4th dimension within the Golden Galaxy.

Slightly higher level / timeline

At this timeline, the economy and financial systems fully collapsed and the Dark Cabal descended to lower planets and timelines.

  • Ripe and old souls make choices based on a higher consciousness level.
  • The arrival of the Ascended Masters to support the ripe and old souls in order to make choices based on a higher consciousness level.

Arrival of the Ascended Masters
The Ascended Masters shows what is possible and teach the ripe and old souls about the truths of the world and Universe. They are on this timeline for the smooth transition and they trigger enthusiasm and inspiration among the ripe and old souls that serves the energy charge for ascension to the new worlds in de 4th and 5th dimension.

When the souls make their choices and steps, ascension for the ripe and old souls takes place to new worlds in the 4th and 5th dimension. The choices and steps they make is also the energetic charge for ascension.

New Worlds in the 4th dimension

Education is key and will be giving by highly evolved souls and Ascended Masters

  • Teaching about vibrating on lower and higher dimensions
  • Teaching about the history of mankind
  • Teaching about the weltanschauung based on harmony with All-That-Is (Universal Law).


The ripe and old souls inhabit with their consciousness the bodies on these new worlds that are already created by their Higher Selves. It’s like melting and taking over an actor roll in a movie that is already playing.

  • The new worlds have some similarities with the ancient world.
  • Ascension is a move to a higher consciousness level (check Who I AM and Where I AM – for more information)
  • People will be part conscious about life in the Orion Matrix was.
  • The new humanity will develop and evolve further on this new earth on the 4th dimension.


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