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by Erik Westhovens on January 10, 2015

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By Erik Westhovens – 10 januari 2015
Translated from Eenvoudig Ascensie Scenario 

The world and humanity has overtime vibrating lower and lower in frequency to the point that it was almost destroyed. It was a lengthy process in which it also served as an opportunity to create a reversible. A few years ago the reverse took place where the earth and humanity are now in an upward spiral of higher frequencies.

The old system, the old form of society, the Orion Matrix is built with its masters and servants, with the function to lower the Earth and humanity in frequency. Now the reverse took place the old system will be destroyed and be replaced with a new form of society. The new system is built with the function to the world and humanity to vibrate at higher frequencies.

The Earth and humanity have formed a cocoon in which the transformation takes place from the old system to the new system, the old world to the new world, from a downward spiral to an upward spiral.

As the masters and servants of the Orion Matrix served to lower the world and humanity, there are people, the light warriors of the first and last hour (the creators and facilitators of the new world) to lift the world and humanity upwards.

The system where the current society in lives will collapse and be replacement. Everyone (the ascension candidates) who have chosen on a soul level to build the new world (increase in frequencies) has started and is working to purify themselves all the old patterns and connections of the old system, the Orion Matrix. All souls who have not chosen to build the new world is shifting to other worlds and timelines appropriate for their level of evolution and development.

With the shift and transformation of the entire world, the masters and servants of the Orion Matrix, the reptilian shapeshifters from an extraterrestrial realm are replaced by the leaders of the new world. The new leaders are the light warriors who have created the reversal of the Earth and humanity that was leading to destruction. These people have purified themselves and have an enlightened and uplifted mental body (thoughts). The new world will be an environment that gives everyone support and guidance for their inner purification.

All souls focused on this earth, the highest timeline of mother earth, Gaia (the focus group) will give no attention to the old world leaders because they recognize that they are part of the old world and system. The thought pattern of ranking and power will be replaced by unity and the spiritual hierarchy.

The economy of the Orion Matrix will completely collapse because it is built for and from the old system. It served to lower frequencies and to form slavery. All empires, countries and continents will see their economies collapse.

When the economy collapses, it allows to purify inner pieces and make choices that are higher or lower in frequencies. The choices that people make will form the split which the relocation of souls comes to completion. Souls move to the timelines and worlds suitable for their level of evolution and development.

Individuals who make a choice of higher frequency will help and support themselves and others in all their basic needs. It also created space for get rid of all the old patterns and opening of their passion, to follow the desires of the heart.

The light warriors of the first and last hour will be visible and take charge in leadership of the world. The light warriors are the wise men in purity, clarity and transparency and share their truths, knowledge and wisdom with humanity for the education and guidance. The light warriors are the new world leaders instead of masters who act from power. Humanity will appreciate the new world leaders, they have transformed the patterns of worship. The light warriors serve as examples, wayshowers and arouse inspiration to mankind. They show the possibilities beyond most human imagination.

Humanity consists only of ascension candidates (mature and old souls) who are engaged in inner purification which they vibrate higher in frequency. These people form adjacent to the new life and world that the warriors of light have created the first and last hour and entered.

People find their passion again and be in harmony with itself. The fight against themselves and others have been replaced by gentleness and compassion whereby all parts of themselves and others are recognized as part of their own existence.

The world and humanity has undergone a total transformation with the full bloom out of her cocoon.

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