Forming Structures for building new Light Communities

by Erik Westhovens on September 13, 2014

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by Erik Westhovens and Skyler Newman – september 10 – 12, 2014


Skyler Newman of Freedom Earth came with an idea of building a community of and for light warriors. It interest me because since a couple of years I have a vision about places around the world where the most enlightenment and wise people teach and guide others in their own mastership. Building this community is a sort of invitation to me to realize my vision with like-minded people.

Skyler came with the name of Kadmon Academy, Kadmon stand for the first human being on earth. This idea is very fresh and the realization started late August 2014. Many ideas can be worked out and can be discussed in a constructive cooperation.

I asked Skyler a question about his idea on the structure and foundation of this community. Below the mail exchange.

Erik Westhovens


September 10, 2014

Hey Skyler,

There is a question that I would like to know about Kadmon Academy that keeps me busy. Do you have an idea on which structure, foundation, platform and hierarchy you want to build on?





This is a very good question, and I am only beginning to answer this
myself. This is why I’ve started reaching out to others to receive
feedback on the basic idea of a light warrior academy so that I can
see what others are interested in doing, and compile a philosophy and
structure based on that.

I can say for sure that there will be no defined religion or ideology
that everyone must follow, simply principles that demonstrate solid
character, work ethic, and compassion toward others. In other words,
it will be spiritual not religious, although I would also accept
people who are religious, as long as they demonstrate tolerance toward
others who do not share their beliefs.

The point is to create an alliance of light warriors who are all
working toward achieving a common goal of creating a better world
through education, activism, and self-development. The PAT is an
online version of Kadmon, and my goal is to bring that idea into a
more structured environment where everyone involved is working on a
team and supporting each other.

Once we establish a base camp, I would like to train students both
mentally and physically, so that they are well-rounded in their
development, but would also have the choice to specialize in different
departments according to their skills and interests. So if you can
imagine a guild in medieval times, I suppose that would be similar.
Also the basic structure and mentality of the Jedi Knights in Star
Wars is a major influence and template that I’m working from.

So basically, someone who is interested in attending the academy would
sign up and go through the trials to reach the next step of training.
You could compare this to a military, but without the intention to be
ready for physical battle, of course, although I am all for supporting
self-defense training with martial arts and weaponry if others were
interested in that too.

Once someone has passed basic training they could then begin more
specialized training. Some may be interested in learning business and
economics; others computers and programming; others project
management, leadership, and speech training, etc.

The goal would be to have experienced instructors in each field to be
able to lead students through both real-world endeavors and classroom
sessions. There’d be no letter grades, just pass or fail, and the
students and teachers would work together to find the best placement
for each student in the academy. Once a student is able to teach
others, he/she would reach the next status level and be able to take
on students to teach as well as take on a professional role within the
academy. I also like the idea of the Padawan/Jedi teaching structure,
and that could be utilized alongside group sessions.

This is just what’s in my head and is a fantasy right now, but I think
a lot of other people will want this same thing, too, and thus it will
grow very quickly once we’re able to make some more progress and
establish ourselves as something real. In the beginning we’re just
going to be online, and offer courses, articles, etc. but in time I
hope to expand to the physical world, like I mentioned.

Please let me know how this sounds to you, and if you can add on to
this vision with interests of your own.



Hey Skyler,

My vision is an imagination and execution as a possibility to replace the Orion Matrix with his masters and followers.

My vision is about teaching and support others by focusing on the basics. The basics is recognition, cooperation and expressing yourself. It’s about everyone’s own mastery. From one’s own development, purification and clarity, it will extend to all forms and manifestations of All-That-Is.

There will be locations on earth where people feel drawn to from one’s own intuitions and inspiration. In these places highly evolved illuminated people share their knowledge, support and space to individuals for one’s own self-development and expansion.

These are places where illuminated and ascended masters roam and are recognized. These are places where people evolve and recognize themselves as masters.

Erik Westhovens


Spiritual hierarchy 

My vision and idea about a teaching and supportive environment is built up from the spiritual hierarchy and not on a man-made hierarchy.

What is a spiritual hierarchy? 

All-That-Is is a closed system that consists of all open systems together. Each open system consists of other open systems. An open system is, for example a Higher Self. A Higher Self consists of several open systems such as a soul union. A soul union stems from multiple soul tribes. Soul tribes consist of multiple soul families. Every soul family consists of many souls. Every soul is composed of several parts (soul fragments) and a soul fragment is the life force of an incarnated personality (a person).

All these levels of open systems are the spiritual hierarchy. The master and creator of each person (incarnated personality) is the soul and higher self.


A person can assume different roles. The role of student and teacher are components of a person. It is the cooperation with the soul and higher self that a person takes on the role of a student and teacher.

When a person feels inspired to develop themselves and to express themselves in a certain way, the role of student and teacher come in handy. An environment as a school can thereby serve a person for their expressions and developments.

Distinction of a spiritual hierarchy with man-made hierarchy. 

There are man-made hierarchies that make use of rankings. The ranks provide separations and roles of authority that can be followed. This type of hierarchy is artificial because their is no one that comes above someone else. Every person stand along each other where one’s masters, leader and creator his and her own soul and higher self is where the person is part of.

There is no one above or below anyone except through the denial and ignorance where his power is given out of to others.

All-That-Is is constructed from a spiritual hierarchy. Every artificial hierarchies are derived from this spiritual hierarchy.

Teaching environment 

Within a teaching environment (a school) people who have their own vision (from individuality) that corresponds with others. There is an overarching vision where everyone wants to express to in a given form like development, support, teaching and studying.

The individuals with a overarching vision set up courses from preparations or are created on the spot by the open connection and communication with his and her own Higher Self (the true master). These courses can be made publicly. Persons who wish to develop from their own inspirations and creations can come into contact with such persons that made these courses.


When several people are together they take roles in a harmonious way that are appropriate within this group. Everyone expresses itself based on their talents and latent talents or where a person wants to develop further in. Example, someone takes a leadership role and someone else takes care of others.


A school is an environment for teaching, gain knowledge, development and self-expression. In these environment support will be also offered where new roles can be tested and developed for both students and teachers.


Within the school each one has it’s own interests from which choices are made of. These choices are not fixed and may change over the course. By learning the motivations, people will find out where their choices are based on.

Within this teaching environment no one follows someone and no requirements to others are needed. There is no artificial hierarchy where instructions from others must be followed. Everyone feels inspired to express themselves and develop further. There is a spiritual hierarchy within these school where people follow and express their own inner insights and inspirations.

Appointments and accountability 

Individuals are responsible to themselves (self, soul and higher self) and express from there to others. Contracts and agreements are not necessary. It is the commitment that a person has and the trust in themselves and in each other that there is a harmonious collaboration.

From the trust, there are no obligations, monitoring and control needed from the fear that others will not fulfill their roles and agreements.

The souls and higher self of persons overview and guide their incarnated personality in fulfilling tasks. Each person makes the connection with their own soul and higher self to make a choice and commitment to carry out. These tasks are performed in the form of inter alia passion.

There is no forms of control required where artificial hierarchies are made of. Everyone develops in the confidence of their master, leader and creator that her and his own soul and higher self is.


– Spiritual Hierarchy from self-responsibility and mastery by connection and communicate with one’s own soul and higher self.

– Everyone develop and express themselves from his and her own interests and choices.

– Any person may assume the role of student and teacher.

– Courses are prepared and intuitively executed.

– Everyone is responsible to themselves (self, soul and higher self), and continues in this way with others.


How is it possible for this kind of teaching? 

By the expression of the spiritual hierarchy where All-That-Is of exists in an environment such as the school, there are wayshowers and teachers needed that express from this viewpoint, collaborate and educate.

These wayshowers and teachers are persons who can assume the role of a teacher. These people understand in their own way the characteristics of All-That-Is and have integrated them. Also, these people have a clear connection with their soul and higher self and act from this spiritual hierarchy.

What will be taught? 

– The basic characteristics of All-That-Is

– Support and guidance in making the unconscious conscious.

– Support and guidance in connection with one’s own soul and higher self.

In what way is it offered? 

By setting up sources publicly. These pathways (courses) have been prepared in advance and will be performed intuitively on the spot.


Feel free to comment, critique and giving feedback on.

Greetings, Erik


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