Current view and situation of the Ascension process

by Erik Westhovens on December 23, 2012

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Two days before 21 december I felt strong energies flowing from my heart coming from my being (soul) and source.

In the dream state of 21 december, I saw that one group has ascended and after this success a huge group after that was going to ascend. In the morning I asked my higher self to give me a signal if mass ascension had accord, immediately I hear a droning sound inside my head as confirmation.

The only question I had was “how did it come that I don’t see anything changed?”.

After reading the last post “Announcement” of George Stankov (23 december) I saw the missing piece of the puzzle. “I still have not given up hope that these long awaited events and changes will materialize with a certain time-lag in the coming days.”

Mass ascension has successfully manifested in the higher realms and will be experience in this reality/environment with a certain time-lag in the coming days.

Also in the dream state of 21 december my soul showed me that these changes will be experienced around Christmas. At first I didn’t saw the link between those dreams but now I understand that we are dealing with a certain time-lag.

A third dream that night showed me that another team (veterans) was asked for help because the designated group lacked in experiences for this process. This situation is also the reason for the time-lag of the events and changes.

The whole day of 21 december I felt the energies stronger en stronger flowing from my heart and around me. I was a very beautiful day and I have celebrate Christmas with my family because my sister was going on vacation in the evening. This celebration day and going on vacation where good symbolics for the changes that would happen on 21 december.

The changes (mass ascension) had happen that day and we will experience it these coming days.

On saturday 22 december my energies where a little bit lower because I didn’t saw and could not understand the big picture. I know and felt a lot of support from my higher self, other beings and of a very good friend (starseed) of me that day.

In the dream state of 22 and 23 december I saw that the process is still in full force with low, high speeds and some bumps.

Today 23 december my energies raising higher and higher because now I see and understand the big picture again. We are just dealing with a certain time-lag.

Erik Westhovens

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