The Further Development About Ascension And My Vision Around The Equinox

by Erik Westhovens on March 20, 2015

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By Erik Westhovens – 20 march 2015

The rulers on power tries everything to keep up, to keep up on the rising earth. They only know to lower everyone and everything to stay on control of humanity and this earth (enslavement), but they loosing their grip, the earth and humanity slips through their fingers and they fall back (the separation of the wheat from the chaff). They fall back to lower versions of living (on planets in different galaxies) to learn and experience how to lower and raise their own frequencies.

It was a pleasure and frustrated at times (journey, evolvement and mastering of life) to have exchange energy with them, to work things out as conscious and unconscious creator gods. It is a farewell for now, I will see you back, back to the Source of All-That-Is. The Source is with you because you are also a part of the Whole. We all are not divided, we all are the expression of Source in our own unique ways.

You are all worthy creator gods and I’m a worthy creator god, and we gave each other opportunities in our deep exchange of energies. You goes by many names and one of them are the Dark Ones.

On this rising earth conscious creator gods in human vessels woke up and recognize themselves as Light Warriors that raised higher and higher in frequencies and made it happen for earth and the evolved humanity (incarnated ripe and old soul, also as walk-ins of high evolved and new souls) to create a world (the new world of the 4D and 5D) that overlaps this world, a world in harmony with each other and everything there is. A world where we have restored our way of living, where words fall short to describe.

Between the Light Warriors and Dark Ones with their minions we have (incarnated) souls that evolve further with the leaders they choose to. Leaders that takes their power away and leaders that lead them to recognize their own powers.

The world where we live in is taken over and has being chosen for different leaders that give humanity the opportunity to recognize and to embody their own powers. On lower versions of this planet many souls experienced the stripping off their own powers to experience the illusion of separation of All-That-Is. On this (uppermost mother) planet we have Light Warriors as Earth Keepers and Guardians that lead humanity to evolve beyond separation and to integrate fully the connection with the Whole.

Leadership by showing and speaking the truth, guiding and supporting to find your own answers, responsibility, courage and compassion; work unconditional for all and shows what is possible to be immortal and to create prosperity and abundance.

Showing, explaining and supporting is a constructive and inspired way for everyone to evolve also as a human being to a conscious creator god who we really are.

Enjoy the journey of your own and collective creations on this rising planet.

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