by Erik Westhovens

World view / Weltanschauung

View of Life

Through my quest, research, inspirations and the work of George Stankov with the Universal Law, I expressed my view of the world and life into my own words. Every information on this site is based on this weltanschauung. It is the base from which everything exists.


All there is, is all that there is. There is nothing outside of everything / all. Everything literally means all there is. A properly name indicates what it is and what it means. A well- defined name for all, is All-That-Is.

All = All-That-Is

What does All-That-Is consists of?

Everything is made of so many different things that there should be a basic principle. The basic principle is energy.

All-That-Is consist of energy
All-That-Is equals energy
All-That-Is = Energy

Everything is in everything. All-That-Is is all-encompassing and consist of all.

All-That-Is = all-encompassing


In today’s science they talk about vacuum, vacuum means that there are places where nothing is. According to scientists parts of the Universe consists of vacuum like black holes. There are no places where nothing is or the absence of energy from the point of view of All-That-Is. All-That-Is literally means all there is.

All = All-That-Is = Energy

Vacuum is from this world view / weltanschauung incorrect.

Cosmic Consciousness

All-That-Is is aware of where it consists of. All-That-Is consciousness (Cosmic Consciousness) is the realization, awareness and knowing where it consists of (omniscient).

All-That-Is = Cosmic Consciousness
All-That-Is = omniscient

It’s impossible for All-That-Is for not knowing any parts where it consists of. All-That-Is can’t nothing else than being omniscient because nothing else exists outside of everything.


All-That-Is is therefore also a closed system, it is the only closed system that exists. There is namely nothing outside all / All-That-Is, it’s all the energies together.

All-That-Is = a closed system
All-That-Is = an organized energy field

All energy groups are open systems that contain the element of All-That-Is. The element means knowing where it consists of, that it’s part of All-That-Is and at the same time All- That-Is is.

All-That-Is consists of open systems.

Each open system / energy group is knowing where it is made of.


Open systems are energy groups that are interconnected. There is a constant exchange of energy between all open systems that takes place in the form of motion.


All open systems are distinct but not separate from each other. Each energy group is part of another group of energy and all energy groups together is All-That-Is.

Every energy contain the element of All-That-Is. Energies can be distinguished by the frequency at which they vibrate. Energies can adopt different frequencies.

Each energy is part of All-That-Is.
Every energy contain the element of All-That-Is.
Each energy is connected / affiliated with All-That-Is.

Electromagnetic spectrum

The electromagnetic spectrum consists of several frequencies. There is a constant exchange of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum. We can only measure energy frequencies that vibrates within the electromagnetic spectrum with the current scientific technology.

The electromagnetic spectrum is an open system.

Outside the electromagnetic spectrum other frequencies are possible because All-That-Is means all there is, another name therefore is infinity. The electromagnetic spectrum only exists a certain range of different energy frequencies.

Designations for All-That-Is

With the question “What does All-That-Is consists of?”, there are several names that indicate what All-That-Is is.

All = All-That-Is = Energy = All-encompassing = Cosmic Consciousness = Omniscient = Infinite


What is a person? What does a person consists of?

We can easily indicate what a person inter alia is with the above information.

A person consists of:
– Energies.
– Is an open system.
– The energies vibrate at different frequencies.
– Is connected to everything All-That-Is consists of.
– A constant exchange of energy with other open systems.
– It contains the element of All-That-Is.
– A person is distinguishable from other open systems.
– A person is inseparable from All-That-Is.

Everything consists of the features of All-That-Is. A person consists of the features of All- That-Is. A person is created by All-That-Is.


In religions it is written that God created man. Herewith we can say that All-That-Is is the same as God.

All-That-Is = God

The religious image of God as an old man with a gray beard is not well represented what All-That-Is is. All-That-Is is not a person, it is everything, nothing is separate from All-That- Is / God, hence the image of an old man is incorrect.

There are more impurities inside religions from this view of life.

What more does a person consists of?


A person is made up of open systems and is in connection with all other open systems. A person exists inter alia of a biological body, mental body and emotional body. Each body consists of energies vibrating at different frequencies with a mutual constant energy exchange.


A person has a limited consciousness in which it has a small realization of the biological, mental and emotional bodies. A person will be aware that it consists of more, when the level of consciousness expands / increased.

The expansion of consciousness is the recognition who and what he / she really is.

A person is not separated from All-That-Is, it is part of All-That-Is.

Creators and creations

All-That-Is is an organized energy field and every energy group (open system) is a creation of the Universe. All-That-Is is the Universal Creator of all creations.

All-That-Is = Universal Creator
All creations are open systems.

Open systems consists of other open systems (energy groups), these open systems consists of other open systems, etc. to infinity. All open systems together is All-That-Is and All-That-Is = infinity = ∞

All creations include other creations and every creation is at the same time a creator.

A person is an open system that simultaneously composed of other open systems. A person is a creation, and at the same time a creator..


A person is a creation consisting of an open system that we call the soul. A person is part of the soul, an energy group where the soul is composed of, another name for person is a personality of the soul.

A soul is composed of several open systems / personalities. When a personality lives on earth it is called an incarnated personality.

Designations for All-That-Is

The names of All-That-Is can be expanded further:

All = All-That-Is = Energy = All-encompassing = Cosmic Consciousness = Omniscient = Infinite = God = Universe = Universal Creator = 1 = ∞


The categories within this base forms a look at life based on unity. The road to freedom takes place when everything is understood and seen in harmony / unity. All categories can be further developed and new categories can also be added.

I have formed this basis, concept, example and my view of life by understanding what all exists of.

There are no separate islands anymore when we look at things from harmony. Many issues in today’s society can be purified. Everything is interconnected to everything, everything is all, all = All-That-Is.

Erik Westhovens